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TOPDON’s trip to America

TOPDON’s trip to America

Tue Nov 20 09:42:41 CST 2018

TOPDON’s trip to America


TOPDON has a wonderful trip to America in November!



The First Stop: AAPEX – 2018 Automotive Aftermarket Products ExpoLas Vegas

AAPEXLas Vegas is one of the world's largest professional exhibitions of automotive after-sales service market. It brings together users and after-sales service providers of auto parts in Central and North America, South America, Europe and the Middle East, highlighting the auto parts market and auto maintenance products.As a globalsupplier of automotive diagnostic equipment, TOPDON has participated in2018 Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (10.30-11.1). There areabout 162,000 exhibitors from 135 countries participated in the American AAPEX exhibition, although TOPDON is not as famous as the big companies like LAUNCH andAutel, a quite number of manufacturers and distributors was attracted by our smart product and wanted to know more about our team and set up further cooperationwith us. In the exhibition, we have also established a more stable long-term cooperative relationship with ourvalued partners.



The Second Stop: American Towman Exposition



American Towman Exposition has continued to grow over three decades to become the largest niche-truck show in the world. Many have called it the most creative trade show of any industry. General agent of America, Cutting Edge hasparticipated inthe exhibition on behalf of TOPDON.Various products from TOPDONwere very popular among the audiences. TOPDON has reached a high level of consistency with many distributors in the future development of the US market.We will continue to bring more high-innovation products to the industry.



The Third Stop:Good of Land Festival



On November 17, TOPDON attended the Good of Land Festivalin the Old Mill Pond Museum. As sponsors, we brought the best product of our company to this activity. The activity was a great success as there were more than 3000 people from all walks of life came here to share experiences.



The activity was live broadcast. Though many of our friends didn’t have the chance to come to the scene, they enjoyed the party on the internet. TOPDON has sent 8 products to the audience who participated in the activity as a gift for the raffle.They were so happy because these tools can really help them a lot in daily life.



The success of this trip to America was the effort of all the people. From the planning to the implementation, we are glad to give a satisfactory answer to the customer.We will continue to work hard. Let’s look forward to next meeting. See you in 2019.