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New product – ArtiBattery201 & BT Master

New product – ArtiBattery201 & BT Master

Mon Dec 03 13:53:46 CST 2018

New product – ArtiBattery201 & BT Master 

TOPDON has always been committed to bringing high-quality products to customersand improving customer experience.ArtiBattery201 and BT Master are two new battery diagnostic devices. They follow all the advantages of ArtiBattery101 and develop new functions on this basis.


To provide better service to all the customers, ArtiBattery201 adopt the world’s most advanced conductivity testing technology. It can test vehicle’s cold cranking amp, battery status, start system and charging system accurately and easily. These functions support mechanics to identify the problems quickly and improve their efficiency of problem-solving.


The most considerate design is that you can print test result immediately. And we prepared two rolls of thermal printing paper for you. The last result will be kept in the machine so that you can transfer data to the computerby downloading our tools.


BT Master

BT Mastertests vehicle batteries by connecting the phone that supports both Android and IOS system. You need to download the APP - BT Master to you phone, and connect the device to the vehicle battery, then you will see the vehicle’s battery status in your phone. The tester can diagnose common problems about vehicle’s cold cranking amp, battery status, start system and charging system. With the APP, the test progress is simplified and the efficiency of problem solving is greatly improved.



The most excited point of this product is the APP. You can find it in your APP store and it is free for everyone. The APP’s interface is designed in a very considerate way. Just follow the tips and you will be able to complete the test.