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TOPDON BT Master Bluetooth Battery tester with free APP can provide a professional battery test includingvoltage&cranking power&state of charge and more

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BT Master


TOPDON BT Master Bluetooth Battery tester with free APP can provide a professional battery test includingvoltage&cranking power&state of charge and more


Bullet point:

Free APP: The battery tester has freeAPP named “BT Master” that can be downloaded from APP store in your phone. After connecting the tester with vehicle battery, you can see test result in the APP’s interface. The APP is so friendly to users that even a person without any experience can operate it well.


Useful functions: BT Master Battery tester can test battery health status including voltage, cranking power, state of charge and more.Each function will show you accurate data that you can analyze the health of battery.


Regular detection:BT Master APP support regular detection.Enter the settings interface and open the reminder switch, the App will remind you to test the battery every month.This considerate design avoids many potential safety problems caused by battery damage.


Share test result: Every time you finish a battery test, you can record the test result in your phone and can also share the result to Facebookor Twitterif you need technical advices about maintenance.


Extensive application: The battery tester support all 12V engine starter lead-acid batteriesand battery standard of CCA, BCI, CA, MCA, JIS, DIN, IEC, EN, SAE and GB.



BT Master is the latest portable Bluetooth battery tester developed by TOPDON.It tests vehicle batteries by connecting the phone that supports both Android and IOS system. The tester can diagnosecommon problems about vehicle’s cold cranking amp, battery status, start system and charging system. And help mechanics to identify the problems quickly and improve their efficiency of problem-solving.


Battery test result:

1. Good Battery: The battery is in good condition, and you can rest assured of using it;

2. Good, Recharge: It’s a good battery with low current, and please recharge it before next using;

3. Replace: The battery is almost or already broken, and you should replace the battery, or there will be a bigger danger;

4. Bad Cell, Replace: The battery is broken or interiorly damaged or has short circuit, and it’s time to replace the battery;

5. Charge-Retest: Unstable battery shall be recharged and retested to avoid error. If the same test result appears again, the battery is regarded as damaged, replace the battery.


Charging test result:

1. Charging Volt: Normal – the generator output is normal, no problem detected;

2. Charging Volt: Low – check the drive belt of the generator and the connection between generator and battery, or follow the manufacturer’s suggestion to eliminate generator fault;

3. Charging Volt: High – replace the generator assembly or a regulator to avoid battery damages;

4. No Volt Output – check the generator connection cable and the belt;

5. Diode Test – there is at least one diode is damaged if ripple volt is too high.


Technical Parameters:

Test battery type:Lead-acid cell, EFB, AGM, GEL


All 12V engine   starter lead-acid batteries

Testing standard



Android 4.3 and   later; IOS 9.0 and later

Test range

CCA 100 - 2000

Working voltage


Working current

10 mA

Working   temperature

-20 - + 70°c

Cable length

35 cm

Rating range:

Testing standard

Testing range























Brand name: TOPDON BT MasterBluetooth battery tester


Special test clip: Two-conductor Kelvin clip, 350mm

Product weight: Gross weight 185g, net weight 115g

Material type: Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic

External test certification: CE

Battery: No battery

Technology: Conductance

Featured function: Bluetooth 4.0

Language: English


Package list:

1*BT Mastermain unit

1*BT Master cardboard

1*BT Masterplastic containers

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