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A - Amperes

A/C - Air Conditioning

A/CL BIMET - Air Cleaner Bi-Metal Sensor

A/CL DV - Air Cleaner Duct and Valve Vacuum Motor

A/D - Analogue to Digital Converter

A/F - Air Fuel Ratio

A/T - Automatic Transmission

A4R70W - Automatic Overdrive Electronic Wide Ration Transmission

AAC - Auxiliary Air Control Valve

AAV - Anti-Afterburn Valve (Mazda)

ABCV - Airbleed Control Valve (Ford)

ABS - Antilock Brake System

ABSV - Air Bypass Solenoid Valve (Mazda)

ABV - Air Bypass Valve

AC - Alternating Current

ACC - Air Conditioning Clutch

ACC - Automatic Climate Control

ACCS - A/C Cycling Clutch Switch

ACD - Air Conditioning Demand Switch

ACON - Air Conditioning On Signal

ACP - Air Conditioning Pressure Signal

ACPSW - Air Conditioning Pressure Switch

ACR - Air Conditioning Relay

ACR4 - Air Conditioning Refrigerant, Recovery, Recycling, Recharging

ACT - Air Charge Temperature

ACV - Air Control Valve

ADU - Analog-Digital Unit

AFC - Air Flow Control

AFM - Air Flow Meter

AFR - Air Fuel Ratio

AFS - Air Flow Sensor (Mitsubishi)

AIR - Secondary Air Injection System

AIRB - Air Bypass Solenoid

AIRD - AIR Diverter Solenoid

AIS - Air Injection System (Chrysler)

AIS - Automatic Idle Speed

AIV - Air Injection Valve

ALC - Automatic Level Control

ALCL - Assembly Line Communications Link (GM)

ALDL - Assembly Line Data Link

ALT - Alternator (replaced with GEN)

AM1 - Air Management 1, AIR Bypass

AM2 - Air Management 2, AIR Diverter

AMB - Ambient

AOD - Automatic Overdrive

AODE - Automatic Overdrive Electronic Transmission

AODE-W - Automatic Overdrive Electronic Wide (ratio transmission)

AP - Accelerator Pedal

APC - Automatic Performance Control

APS - Atmospheric Pressure Sensor (Mazda)

APS - Absolute Pressure Sensor (GM)

APT - Adjustable part Throttle

ARC - Automatic Ride Control

ARS - Automatic Restraint System

ASARC - Air Suspension Automatic Ride Control

ASD - Automatic Shutdown Relay

ASDM - Airbag System Diagnostic Module (Chrysler)

ASE - Automotive Service Excellence

ASM - Acceleration Simulation Mode

ASR - Acceleration Slip Regulation

ATC - Automatic Temperature Control

ATDC - After Top Dead Centre

ATF - Automatic Transmission Fluid

ATM - Actuator Test Mode

ATS - Air Temperature Sensor (Chrysler)

ATX - Automatic Transaxle

AVOM - Analog Volt / Ohm Meter

AWD - All-Wheel Drive

AWD - All Wheel Drive

AWG - American Wire Gage'

AX4S - Automatic 4-Speed Trans.

AXOD - Automatic Overdrive Transaxle

AXOD-E - Automatic Overdrive Transaxle - Electronically Controlled

B/MAP - Barometric/Manifold Absolute Pressure

B+ - Battery Positive Voltage

BAC - Bypass Air Control Valve

BARO - Barometric Pressure

BAT - Battery

BC - Blower Control

BCM - Body Control Module

BHP - Brake Horsepower

BHS - Bimetal Heat Sensor (Ford)

BID - Breaker less Inductive Discharge (AMC)

BLM - Block Learn Multiplier (replaced with LT FUEL TRIM)

BMAP - Barometric/Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor (Ford)

BOB - Breakout Box

BOO - Brake On / Off Switch

BP - Barometric Pressure

BPA - Mechanical Bypass Air

BPCSV - Bypass Control Solenoid Valve

BPP - Brake Pedal Position Switch

BPS - Back Pressure Sensor

BPT - Back-Pressure Transducer

BPV - Bypass Valve (Ford)

BPW - Brake Pulse Width

BSV - Backfire Suppressor (Ford)

BTDC - Before Top Dead Center

BTS - Battery Temperature Sensor

BTSI - Brake Transmission Shift Interlock

Btu - British Thermal Unit

BUS N - Bus Negative

BUS P - Bus Positive

BV - Bowl Vent Port (Ford)

BVSV - Bi-Metal Vent Control Valve

BVT - Backpressure Variable Transducer System (Ford)

C - Carbon

C - Celsius

C.A.R.B. - California Air Resource Board

C3 - Computer Command Control System (GM)

C3I - Computer Controlled Coil Ignition

C4 - Computer Controlled Catalytic Converter System (GM)

CAC - Charge Air Cooler

CANP - EVAP Canister Purge Solenoid

CARB - Carburettor

CAS - Clean Air System

CAS - Crank Angle Sensor

CASE - Cranking Angle Sensing Error

CBD - Closed Bowl Distributor

CC - Catalytic Converter

CC - Cruise Control

CC - Cubic Centimetres

CC - Climate Control

CCC - Converter Clutch Control

CCC - Computer Command Control System (GM)

CCD - Computer Controlled Dwell

CCD - Chrysler Collision Detection

CCDIC - Climate Control Driver Information Centre

CCEI - Coolant Controlled Idle Enrichment (Chrysler)

CCEV - Coolant Controlled Engine Vacuum Switch (Chrysler)

CCM - Central Control Module

CCM - Continuous Component Monitor

CCNT, DTC CCNT - Count Code 

CCO - Converter Clutch Override

CCOT - Cycling Clutch Orifice Tube

CCP - Climate Control Panel

CCP - Controlled Canister Purge (GM)

CCRM - Constant Control Relay Module

CCS - Coast Clutch Solenoid

CCSP - Carbon Canister Storage/Purge

CCV - Canister Control Valve

CDCV - Canister Drain Cut Valve

CDI - Capacitor Discharge Ignition (AMC)

CDR - Chrysler Diagnostic Readout

CDRV - Crankcase Depression Regulator Valve

CE - Commutate End

CEAB - Cold Engine Air Bleed

CEC - Crankcase Emission Control System (Honda)

CECU - Central Electronic Control Unit (Nissan)

CEL - Check Engine Light

CER - Cold Enrichment Rod (Ford)

CES - Clutch Engage Switch

CESS - Cold Engine Sensor Switch

CFC - Chlorofluorocarbons

CFI - Central Fuel Injection

CFI - Continuous Fuel Injection

CFM - Cubic Feet Per Minute

CFV - Critical Flow Venturi

CHM - Cold Mixture Heater

CID - Cylinder Identification Signal

CID - Cubic Inch Displacement

CIS - Continuous Injection System (Bosch)

CKP - Crankshaft Position Sensor

CKP REF - Crankshaft Position Reference

CKT - Circuit

CL - Closed Loop

CLC - Converter Lockup Clutch (replaced with TCC)

CLCC - Closed Loop Carburetor Control

CLNT - Coolant

CLV - Calculated Load Value

CMFI - Central Multi-port Fuel Injection

CMP - Camshaft Position Sensor

CMP REF - Camshaft Position Reference

CO - Carbon Monoxide

CO2 - Carbon Dioxide

COC - Conventional Oxidation Catalyst (Ford)

COP - Coil On Plug Electronic Ignition

CP - Canister Purge (GM)

CP - Crankshaft Position Sensor (Ford)

CPA - Connector Position Assurance 

CPI - Central Port Fuel Injection

CPP - Clutch Pedal Position

CPS - Central Power Supply

CPSOV - Canister Purge Shut Off Valve (Ford)

CPU - Central Processing Unit

CRK - Cranking Signal

CRT - Cathode Ray Tube

CSC - Coolant Spark Control (Ford)

CSE GND - PCM Case Ground

CSSA - Cold Start Spark Advance System (Ford)

CSSH - Cold Start Spark Hold System (Ford)

CTAV - Cold Temperature Actuated Vacuum Switch (Ford)

CTM - Central Timer Module

CTO - Clean Tachometer Output

CTO - Coolant Temperature Override

CTOX - Continuous Trap Oxidizer

CTP - Closed Throttle Position

CTS - Charge Temperature Switch (Chrysler)

CTS - Coolant Temperature Sensor

CTVS - Closed Throttle Vacuum Switch

CV - Constant Velocity

CV - Control Valve

CVCC - Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion System (Honda)

CVR - Control Vacuum Regulator (Ford)

CVS - Constant Volume Sampler

CWM-Ford - Cold Weather Modulator (Ford)

DAB - Delayed Accessory Bus

dB - Decibels

DC - Duty Cycle

DC - Direct Current

DCISCA - DC Motor Idle Speed Actuator

DCL - Data Communication Link

DDL - Diagnostic Data Link

DE - Drive End

DEC - Digital Electronic Controller

DEFI - Digital Electronic Fuel Injection (Cadillac)

DEPS - Digital Engine Position Sensor

DERM - Diagnostic Energy Reserve Module

DFCO - Decel Fuel Cutoff Mode

DFI - Direct Fuel Injection

DFS - Decel Fuel Shutoff

DI - Direct Ignition

DI - Distributor Ignition (System)

DIC - Driver Information Center

DICM - Distributor Ignition Control Module

DIS - Direct Ignition (Waste Spark)

DLC - Data Link Connector (OBD)

DM - Drive Motor

DMCM - Drive Motor Control Module

DMCT - Drive Motor Coolant Temperature

DMPI Module - Drive Motor Power Inverter Module

DMS - Distributor Modulator System

DOHC - Dual Overhead Cam

DOL - Data Output Line to IPC

DPC - Dynamic Pressure Control

DPFE - Differential Pressure Feedback

DPI - Fuel Plug Inhibit

DRB II - Diagnostic Readout Box (Chrysler)

DRCV - Distributor Retard Control Valve

DRL - Daytime Running Lights

DSO - Digital Storage Oscilloscope

DSR - Ford Diagnostic Subroutine

DSS - Downshift Solenoid

DSSA - Dual Signal Spark Advance (Ford)

DSV - Deceleration Solenoid Valve

DTC - Diagnostic Trouble Code

DTC FRZ - Diagnostic Trouble Code Freeze Frame

DTM - Diagnostic Test Mode

DTVS - Dual Temperature Vacuum Switch

DV - Delay Valve

DVAC - Distributor Vacuum Advance Control Valve

DVDSV - Differential Vacuum Delay and Separator Valve

DVDV - Distributor Vacuum Delay Valve

DVOM - Digital Volt-Ohmmeter

DV-TW - Relay Valve Two Way

DVVV - Distributor Vacuum Vent Valve

E4OD - Electronic 4-Speed Overdrive

EAC - Electronic Air Control (replaced with AIR)

EACV - Electronic Air Control Valve

EAIR - Electronic Secondary Air Injection

EBCM - Electronic Brake Control Module

EBP - Exhaust Back :Pressure 

EBTCM - Electronic Brake T/C Module

EC - Engine Control

ECA - Electronic Control Assembly (Ford)

ECC - Electronic Climate Control

ECCS - Electronic Concentrated Control System

ECI - Extended Compressor at Idle

ECIT - Electronic Control Ignition Timing

ECL - Engine Coolant Level

ECM - Engine/Electronic Control Module

ECS - Evaporation Control System (Chrysler)

ECS - Emission Control System

ECT - Engine Coolant Temperature

ECU - Electronic Control Unit

EDF - Electro-Drive Fan

EDIS - Electronic Direct Ignition System (replaced with EI)

EDM - Electronic Distributor Modulator (Ford)

EEC - Electronic Engine Control (Ford)

EEC-I - Control of Ignition Timing

EEC-II - Control of Ignition Timing and Fuel Delivery Through a Feed Carburetor System

EEC-III - Control of Ignition Timing and Fuel Delivery Through a Central Fuel Injection System

EEC-IV - Control of Ignition Timing and Fuel Delivery Through an Electronic Fuel Injection System

EECS - Evaporative Emission Control System

EEGR - Electronic EGR (Solenoid)

EEGR Monitor - Electronic EGR Test

EEPROM - Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

EESS - Evaporative Emission Shed System (Ford)

EEVIR - Evaporator Equalized Values in Receiver

EFC - Electronic Fuel Control

EFC - Electronic Feedback Carburetor (Chrysler)

EFCA - Electronic Fuel Control Assembly (Ford)

EFE - Early Fuel Evaporation

EFI - Electronic Fuel Injection

EFT - Engine Fuel Temperature

EFV - Early Fuel Evaporation

EGC - Exhaust Gas Check Valve (Ford)

EGO - Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor (Ford)

EGOR - EGO Signal Return (Ford)

EGR - Exhaust Gas Recirculation 

EGR Monitor - OBDII EGR Test 

EGR TVV - Exhaust Gas Recirculation Thermal Vacuum Valve

EGRB - EGR Boost Sensor

EGRC - EGR Control Solenoid (Ford)

EGRC-BPT - EGR Control Back Pressure Transducer

EGRPS - EGR Valve Position Sensor (Mazda)

EGRT - Exhaust Gas Recirculation Temperature

EGRV - Exhaust Gas Recirculation Vent Solenoid

EGTS - Exhaust Gas Temperature Switch (replaced with EGRT)

EH - Electro-Hydraulic

EI - Integrated Electronic Ignition System

EICV - Electronic Idle Control Valve

ELB - Electronic Lean Burn (Chrysler)

ELC - Electronic Level Control

ELCD - Evaporative Loss Control Device

EM - Engine Modification

EMB - Electromagnetic Brakes

EMF - Electromotive Force (voltage)

EMI - Electromagnetic Interference

EMR - Electronic Module Retard

EN - Generator (Alternator)

EOBD - European On Board Diagnostics

EOP - Engine Oil Pressure

EOS - Exhaust Oxygen Sensor

EOT - Engine Oil Temperature

EP - Exhaust Pressure

EPA - Environmental Protection Agency

EPC - Electronic Pressure Control

EPOS - EGR Valve Position Sensor (Ford)

EPROM - Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

EPT - EGR Pressure Transducer (replaced with PFE)

ESA - Electronic Spark Advance (Chrysler)

ESC - Electronic Spark Control System (Ford)

ESD - Electrostatic Discharge

ESS - Electronic Spark Selection (Cadillac)

EST - Electronic Spark Timing

ETC - Electronic Temperature Control

ETP - EGR Pressure Transducer

ETR - Electronically Tuned Receiver

EVAP - Evaporative Emissions System

EVAP CP - Evaporative Canister Purge

EVAP CV - Evaporative Emissions System Canister Vent

EVIC - Electronic Vehicle Information Center

EVO - Electronic Vehicle Orifice

EVP - EGR Valve Position Sensor

EVR - EGR Vacuum Regulator

EXH - Exhaust

F4WD - Full Time Four Wheel Drive

FAN - Cooling Fan (Low or High Speed)

FBC - Feedback Carburettor

FBCA - Feedback Carburettor Actuator (Ford)

FC - Fan Control

FCA - Fuel Control Assembly (Chrysler)

FCS - Fuel Control Solenoid (Ford)

FDBK - Feedback

FDC - Fuel Deceleration Valve (Ford)

FDV - Fuel Decal Valve (Ford)

FEEPROM - Flash Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

FEPROM - Flash Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

FF - Flexible Fuel

FI - Fuel Injector

FIC - Fast Idle Control

FICD - Fast Idle Control Device

FIPL - Fuel Injection Pump Lever

FLC - Fluid Lock-up Converter (Ford)

FLS - Fluid Level Sensor (GM)

FM - Fan Motor Program in PCM

FMEM - Failure Mode Effect Management

FMVSS - Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards

FOM - Fix Operating Mode (Limp Mode)

FP - Fuel Pump Relay (Ford)

FP - Fuel Pump

FPM - Fuel Pump Monitor (in PCM)

FPRC - Fuel Pump Regulator Control

FRC - Forced

FRP - Fuel Rail Pressure

FRT - Fuel Rail Temperature

FRZ - Freeze Frame

FT - Fuel Trim

FTL - Fuel Tank Level Sensor

FTO - Filtered Tachometer Output

FTP - Fuel Tank Pressure

FTT - Fuel Tank Temperature

FWD - Front Wheel Drive

g/sec - Grams per Second

GA - Gage

GCM - Governor Control Module

GCW - Gross Combination Weight

GDC - Fuel Data Centre

GDI - Gasoline Direct Injection

GEM - Generic Electronic Module

GEN - Generator (Alternator)

GND - Electrical Ground Connection

GOOSE - Brief Throttle Open/Close

GPM - Grams Per Mile

GPS - Governor Pressure Sensor

GST - Generic Scan Tool

GVW - Gross Vehicle Weight

H - Hydrogen

H/CMPR - High Compression

H2O - Water

HAC - High Altitude Compensator

HAIS - Heated Air Intake System (Chrysler)

HBV - Heater Blower Voltage

HC - Hydrocarbons

HCDS - High Clutch Drum Speed

HCV - Hydrocarbon (Ford)

HCV - Exhaust Heat Control Valve (Ford)

HD - Heavy Duty

HDC - Heavy Duty Cooling

HDR-CKP - High Data Rate CKP Sensor

HEGO - Heated Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor

HEI - High Energy Ignition (GM)

HFC - High (speed) Fan Control

HFP - High Fuel Pump (Relay) Control

Hg - Mercury

HIC - Hot-Idle Compensator (Ford)

HLOS - Hardware Limited Operation System

HO - High Output

HO2S - Heated Oxygen Sensor

HO2S-1-1 - Bank One Sensor One Signal

HO2S-1-2 - Bank One Sensor Two Signal

HO2S-1-3 - Bank One Sensor Three Signal

HO2S-2-1 - Bank Two Sensor One Signal

HO2S-2-2 - Bank Two Sensor Two Signal

hp - Horsepower

HPC - High Pressure Cut off

HPL - High Pressure Liquid

HPS - High Performance System

HPV - High Pressure Vapour

HSC - High Swirl Combustion

HT - High Tension

HUD - Heads Up Display

HVAC - Heater Ventilation and Air Conditioning

HVACM - Heater-Vent-Air Conditioning Module

HVS - High Voltage Switch

Hz - Hertz

I/M - Inspection and Maintenance

I/O - Input / Output

I/P - Instrument Panel

IA - Intake Air

IAC - Idle Air Control (motor or solenoid)

IACV - Idle Air Control Valve

IAS - Inlet Air Solenoid (Ford)

IAT - Intake Air Temperature

IBP - Integral Back Pressure

IC - Integrated Circuit

IC - Ignition Control 

ICM - Ignition Control Module

ICP - Injection Control Pressure

ICS - Idle Control Solenoid (GM)

ID - Inside Diameter

IDI - Integrated Direct Ignition

IDL - Idle Position Switch

IDM - Ignition Diagnostic Monitor

IDM - Injector Driver Module

IFI - Indirect Fuel Injection

IFS - Inertia Fuel Switch

IGN - Ignition

IGN ADV - Ignition Advance

IGN GND - Ignition Ground 

ILC - Idle Load Compensator

IMA - Idle Mixture Adjuster

IMRC - Intake Manifold Runner Control

IMS - Ignition Module Signal

IMS - Inferred Mileage Sensor (Ford)

IMT - Intake Manifold Timing

INJ 1 to INJ 10 - Fuel Injectors 1 to 10

INT - Integrator (replaced with ST FUEL TRIM)

IPC - Instrument Panel Cluster

IPR - Injector Pressure Regulator

IRCM - Integrated Relay Control Module

ISA - Idle Speed Actuator

ISC - Idle Speed Control

ISO - International Standard of Organization

ISS - Input Shaft Speed

ITA - Ignition Timing Adjustment

ITCS - Ignition Timing Control System (Honda)

ITS - Idle Tracking Switch

IVS - Idle Validation Switch

IVSC - Integrated Vehicle Speed Control

IVV - Idle Vacuum Valve (Ford)

JAS - Jet Air System (Mitsubishi)

JSV - Jet Mixture Solenoid Valve

KAM - Keep Alive Memory

KAPWR - Direct Battery Power

KD - Kick down

KDLH - Kick down Low Hold

Kg/cm2 - Kilograms/ Cubic Centimetres

kHz - Kilohertz

Km - Kilometres

KOEC - Key On, Engine Cranking

KOEO - Key On, Engine Off

KOER - Key On, Engine Running

KPA - Kilopascal

KS - Knock Sensor

KSM - Knock Sensor Module

L - Litres

L4 - Four Cylinder Inline Engine

LAMBSE - Short Term Fuel Trim

LCD - Liquid Crystal Display

LED - Light Emitting Diode

LFC - Low Fan Control

LFP - Low Speed Fuel Pump Control

LHD - Left Hand Drive

LOAD - Calculated Load Value

LOC - Light Off Catalyst

LONGFT - Long Term Fuel Trim

LOOP - Engine Operating Loop Status

LOS - Limited Operating Strategy

LPG - Liquid Petroleum Gas

LSS - Linear Shift Solenoid

LTFT - Long Term Fuel Trim

LTS - Low Coolant Switch

LUS - Lock-Up Solenoid

LV8 - Load Variable

LWB - Long Wheel Base

M/C - Mixture Control

M/T - Manual Transmission

MAF - Mass Air Flow Sensor

MAF RTN - Mass Airflow Sensor Ground

MAP - Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor

MAS - Mixture Adjust Screw

MAT - Manifold Air Temperature

MC - Mixture Control

MCS - Mixture Control Solenoid (GM)

MCT - Manifold Charge Temperature Sensor (Ford)

MCU - Microprocessor Control Unit (Ford)

MCV - Manifold Control Valve (Ford)

MDP - Manifold Differential Pressure

MECS - Mazda Electronic Control System

MEMCAL - Memory Calibration

MFI - Multiport Fuel Injection

MIC - Mechanical Instrument Cluster

MIL - Malfunction Indicator Lamp

MISAR - Micro processed Sensing and Automatic Regulation 

MLP - Manual Lever Position

MLUS - Modulated Lock Up Solenoid or its Control Circuit (Ford)

MLVLPS - Manual Valve Lever Position

MPFI - Multi-Port Fuel Injection

MPG - Miles Per Gallon

MPH - Miles Per Hour

MPI - Multi Port Injection

mS or ms - Millisecond

MSFF - Miles Since First Fail

MSLF - Miles Since Last Fail

MST - Manifold Surface Temperature

MT - Manual Transmission

MTV - Manifold Tune Valve

mV or mv - Milivolt

MVLPS - Manual Valve Lever Position

MVZ - Manifold Vacuum Zone

N - Nitrogen

N.C. - Normally Closed Position

N.O. - Normally Open Position

N/MIL - A Code Set Without a MIL Request

N/V - Input Shaft Speed to Vehicle Speed

NDIR - Non Dispersive Infrared

NDS - Neutral Drive Switch

NGS - Neutral Gear Switch (Ford)

NGV - Natural Gas Vehicles

Nm - Newton Meters

NOx - Oxides of Nitrogen

NTC - Negative Temperature Coefficient

NVRAM - Non Volatile Random Access Memory

O2 - Oxygen

O2S-11 - Oxygen Sensor Signal (Bank 1)

O2S-21 - Oxygen Sensor Signal (Bank 2)

OASIS - Ford Motor Company Online Automotive Service Information System

OBD I - On Board Diagnostics Version I

OBD II - On Board Diagnostics Version II

OBD STAT - On Board Diagnostic System Status

OC - Oxidation Catalytic Converter

OCC - Output Circuit Check (Ford)

OCIL - Overdrive Cancel Indicator Lamp

OCS - Overdrive Cancel Switch

OCT ADJ - Octane Adjust Fuel Switch

OD - Overdrive

OD - Outside Diameter

ODM - Output Device Monitor

ODS - Overdrive Drum Speed

OE - Original Equipment

OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer

OHC - Overhead Cam Engine

OHV - Over Head Valve

OL - Open Loop

ORC - Oxidation Reduction Converter

OS - Oxygen Sensor

OSAC - Orifice Spark Advance Control (Chrysler)

OSC - Output State Check (Ford)

OSM - Output State Monitor

OSS - Output Speed Shaft

OTIS - Overhead Travel Information System

OVCV - Outer Vent Control Valve

P/B - Power Brakes

P/E - Power Enrichment 

P/N - Part Number

P/S - Power Steering

PA - Pressure Air (Honda)

PAFS - Pulse Air Feeder System (Chrysler)

PAIR - Pulsed Secondary Air Injection

PAS - passive Anti-Theft System

PAS - Power Assisted Steering

PASS - Personalized Automotive Security System

PC - Pressure Control

PCB - Printed Circuit Board

PCI - Programmable Communications Interface

PCM - Power train Control Module

PCS - Pressure Control Solenoid

PCV - Positive Crankcase Ventilation

PECV - Power Enrichment Control Valve

PF - Purge Flow Sensor

PFE - Pressure Feedback EGR Sensor

PFI - Port Fuel Injection

PFI - Port Fuel Injection (GM)

PGM-FI - Programmed Gas Management Fuel Injection (Honda)

PID - Parameter Identification Location

PID SUP - Parameter Identification Supported

PIP - Profile Ignition Pickup Signal

PIV - Peak Inverse Voltage

PKE - Passive Keyless Entry

PMD - Pump Mounted Driver

PNP - Par Neutral Position

POT - Potentiometer

PPM - Parts Per Minute

PPS - Ported Pressure Switch (Ford)

PR - Pressure Relief

PRC - Pressure Regulator Control

PRNDL - Switch

PROM - Programmable Read-Only Memory

PS - Power Steering

PSA - Pressure Switch Assembly

PSC - Power Steering Control

PSI - Pounds Per Square Inch

PSOM - Programmable Speedometer Odometer Module

PSOV - Purge Shut Off Valve (Ford)

PSP - Power Steering Pressure 

PSPS - Power Steering Pressure Switch

PTC - Positive Temperature Coefficient Resistor

PTO - Power Take Off (4WD Option)

PTOX - Periodic Trap Oxidizer

PTU - Part Throttle Unlock

PVA - Ported Vacuum Advance

PVS - Ported Vacuum Switch

PWM - Pulse Width Modulation

PWR GND - Power Ground for PCM

QDM - Quad Driver Module

RABS - Rear Antilock Brake System

RAM - Random Access Memory

RAP - Retained Access Power

RECAL - Calibration Adjustment

REDOX - Reduction Oxidation Converter

REF - Reference

RFI - Radio Frequency Interference

RHD - Right Hand Drive

RKE - Remote Keyless Entry

RM - Relay Module

ROM - Read Only Memory

RON - Rated Octane Number

RPM - Revolutions Per Minute

RRS - Variable Reluctance Sensor

RTD - Real Time Dampening

RTN - Dedicated Sensor Ground Circuit

RTV - Room Temperature Vulcanizing

RVP - Reid Vapour Pressure

RWAL - Rear Wheel Anti-Lock

RWD - Rear Wheel Drive

S4WD - Selectable Four Wheel Drive

SAE - Viscosity Grade

SA-FV - Separator Assembly Fuel/Vacuum

SAVM - Spark Advance Vacuum Modulator

SAW - Spark Angle Work

SBDS - Service Bay Diagnostic System

SBEC - Single Board Engine Controller (replaced with PCM0

SBS - Boost Solenoid (Ford)

SBT - Serial Bus Traveler

SC - Supercharged Engine

SCAP - Silicone Capacitance Absolute Pressure Sensor (Ford)

SCB - Supercharger Bypass

SCC - Spark Control Computer (Chrysler)

SCP - Standard Corporate Protocol

SDI - Saab Direct Ignition

SDM - Sensing Diagnostic Module

SDV - Spark Delay Valve

SDV - Spark Deceleration Valve

SEFI - Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection

SEO - Special Equipment Option

SES - Service Engine Soon (replaced with MIL)

SFI - Sequential Fuel Injection

SHED - Sealed Housing Evaporative Determination System

SHO - Super High Output Engine

SHRT FT - Short Term Fuel Trim

SHRTFT1 - Short Term Fuel Trim Bank 1

SIG RTN - Signal Return (sensor ground)

SIL - Shift Indicator Lamp

SIPS - Side Impact Protections System

SIR - Supplemental Inflatable Restraint

SIS - Solenoid Idle Stop

SMEC - Single Module Engine Controller (replaced with PCM)

SMPI - Sequential Multiport Fuel Injection (Chrysler)

SO2 - Sulphur Dioxide

SOHC - Single Overhead Cam

SPD - Speed

SPFI - Single Point Fuel Injection (throttle body)

SPI - Serial Peripheral Interface

SPL - Smoke Puff Limiter

SPOUT - Spark Output Signal

SPS - Service Programming System

SRC - Selective Ride Control

SRDV - Spark Retard Delay Valve

SRI - Service Reminder Indicator

SRS - Spark Retard Solenoid

SRS - Supplemental Restraint System (air bag)

SRT - System Readiness Test

SS - Speed Sensor (Honda)

SS1, SS2,etc. - Shift Solenoid 1, 2, etc.

SSI - Solid State Ignition (Ford)

ST - Scan Tool

STAR - Self Test Automatic Readout

STI - Self Test Input

STI - Self-Test Input (Ford)

STO - Self Test Output

STO - Self-Test Output (Ford)

STS - Service Throttle System (lamp) 

SUSP - Suspension System Module

SVV - Solenoid Vent Valve (Ford)

SWB - Short Wheel Base

TA - Temperature Air (Honda)

TAB - Thermostat Air Bypass

TAC - Throttle Actuator Control

TAC - Thermostatic Air Cleaner (GM)

TACH - Tachometer

TAD - Thermostat Air Diverter

TAP - Transmission Adaptive Pressure

TAV - Temperature Actuated Vacuum

TBI - Throttle Body Injection

TC - Turbocharger

TCA - Thermostat Controlled Air Cleaner

TCC - Torque Converter Clutch

TCCP - Torque Converter Clutch Pressure

TCCS - Toyota Computer Controlled System

TCIL - Transmission Control Indicator Lamp

TCM - Transmission Control Module

TCP - Torque Charger

TCP - Temperature Compensated Accelerator Pump (Ford)

TCS - Traction Control Switch

TCS - Transmission Control Switch

TCS - Transmission Controlled Spark (GM)

TD - Turbo Diesel

TDC - Top Dead Center

TDI - Turbo Direct Injection

TE - Thermal Expansion

TFP - Transmission Fluid Pressure

TFP - Throttle Fluid Pressure

TFT - Transmission Fluid Temperature

THM - Turbo Hydra-Matic

TI - Transistorized Ignition System

TIC - Thermal Ignition Control (Chrysler)

TIV - Thermactor Idle Vacuum Valve (Ford)

TK - Throttle Kicker Actuator (Ford)

TKS - Throttle Kicker Solenoid

TOT - Transmission Oil Temperature

TP - Throttle Position

TP Mode - Throttle Position Mode

TPCV - Tank Pressure Control Valve

TPI - Tuned Port Injection

TPM - Tire Pressure Monitor

TPP - Throttle Position Potentiometer

TPS - Throttle Position Sensor

TPT - Throttle Position Transducer (Chrysler)

TR - Transmission Range Sensor

TRLHP - Thermal Vacuum Valve

TRS, TRS+1 - Transmission Regulated Spark Control System

TSB - Technical Service Bulletin

TSP - Throttle Solenoid Positioner (Ford)

TSS - Transmission Shaft Speed Sensor

TSS - Turbine Speed Shaft Sensor

TV - Throttle Valve

TVS - Temperature Vacuum Switch 

TVV - Thermal Vent Valve (Ford)

TWC - Three Way Catalyst

TWC + OC - Three Way Catalyst

UART - Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter

UD - Under drive

UIDI - Up-Integrated Direct Ignition

V - Volts

VAC - Vacuum

VAF - Vane Airflow Meter

VAF - Volume Air Flow

VAT - Vane Air Temperature Sensor

VATS - Vehicle AntiTheft System

VBAT - Vehicle (system) Battery Voltage

VCC - Vacuum Cut Control Solenoid

VCM - Vehicle Control Module

VCRM - Variable Control Relay Module

VCTS - Vacuum Control Temperature Sensing Valve (Ford)

VCV - Vacuum Control Valve (Ford)

VDOT - Variable Displacement Orifice Tube

VDV - Vacuum Delay Valve

VDV - Vacuum Differential Valve (Ford)

VECI - Vehicle Emission Control Information Decal

VF - Vacuum Fluorescent

VIM - Vehicle Interface Module

VIN - Vehicle Identification Number

VIS - Variable Induction System

VLCM - Variable Load Control Module 

VMV - Vapor Management Valve (EVAP)

VMV - Vacuum Modulator Valve

VNT - Variable Nozzle Turbocharger

VOTM - Vacuum Operated Throttle Modulator (Ford)

VPWM - Variable Pulse Width Modulated

VPWR - Ignition Switched Power

VR - Voltage Regulator

VR/S - Vacuum Regulator/Solenoid (Ford)

VRDV - Vacuum Retard Delay Valve (Ford)

VREF - Reference Voltage (from PCM)

VRESER - Vacuum Reservoir (Ford)

VREST - Vacuum Restrictor (Ford)

VRIS - Variable Resonance Induction System

VRS - Variable Reluctance Sensor

VRV - Vacuum Regulator Valve (Ford)

VSS - Vehicle Speed Sensor

VVA - Venturi Vacuum Amplifier (Ford)

VVC - Variable Voltage Choke (Ford)

VVV - Vacuum Vent Valve (Ford)

W/B - Wheelbase

WAC - WOT A/C Cut out Relay

WACA - A/C WOT Cut out Relay Monitor

WOT - Wide Open Throttle

WOTV - Wide-Open Throttle Valve (Ford)

WSS - Wheel Speed Sensor

WU OC - Warm Up Oxidation Catalytic Converter

WU TWC - Warm Up Three Way Catalytic Converter

AAC: Auxiliary Air Control 

AAV: Anti After burn Valve 

ABS: Anti-lock Brake System 

A/C: Air Conditioning 

ACC: Accessory Position 

ACL: Air Cleaner (Thermostatic Type) 

ACM: Air Bag Control Module 

ACR-4: Air Conditioning Refrigerant, Recovery, Recycling, Recharging 

ACT: Air Charge Temperature 

A/D: Analogue to Digital 

AECM: Air Bag Electronic Control Module 

A/F: Air/Fuel Ratio 

AIR: Secondary Air Injection 

AIRB: Secondary Air Injection Bypass 

AIRD: Secondary Air Injection Diverter 

AIS: Secondary Air Injection 

ALDL: Assembly Line Diagnostic Link 

AM1: Thermactor Air Management 1 (TAB) 

AM2: Thermactor Air Management 2 (TAB or TAD) 

AP: Accelerator Pedal 

API: American Petroleum Institute 

APP: Accelerator Pedal Position 

APS: Accelerator Position Sensor 

ARS: Automatic Restraint System 

ASD: Automatic Shutdown 

ASDM: Air Bag System Diagnostic Module 

ASR: Automatic Slip Regulation 

A/T: Automatic Transaxle or Transmission 

ATC: Active Transfer Case 

ATDC: After Top Dead Centre 

BAP: Barometric Atmosphere Pressure 

BAR: Bureau of Auto Repair 

BARO: Barometric Pressure 

BBL: Barrel 

BCM: Body Control Module 

BID: Breaker less Inductive Discharge 

BOB: Breakout Box 

BOO: Brake On/Off 

BP: Barometric Pressure 

BPA: Bypass Air 

BPT: Backpressure Transducer 

BTDC: Before Top Dead Centre 

BVT: Backpressure Variable Transducer 

B+: Battery Positive Voltage 

C: Continuous Memory 

CA: California 

CAB: Controller Anti-lock Brake 

CAC: Charge Air Cooler 

CANP: Canister Purge 

CARB: California Air Resources Board 

CARB: Carburettor 

CAT: Catalytic Converter 

CBD: Closed Bowl Distributor 

CCA: Centre Control Assembly 

CCC: Converter Clutch Control Solenoid 

CCCI:Computer Controlled Coil Ignition 

CCD:Chrysler Collision Detection 

CCD: Computer Controlled Dwell 

CCECS: Computer Controlled Emission Control System 

CCO: Converter Clutch Overdrive Solenoid 

CCOT: Cycling Clutch Orifice Tube 

CCP: Carbon Canister Purge 

CCRM: Constant Control Relay Module 

CEC: Computerized Emission Control System 

CES: Clutch Engage Switch 

CFRM: Condenser Fan Relay Module 

CID: Cylinder Identification 

CID:Cubic Inch Displacement 

CIS: Constant Injection System 

CIS-E: Constant Injection System Electronic 

CKP: Crankshaft Position Sensor 

CLECS: Closed Loop Emission Control System 

CLFCS: Closed Loop Fuel Control System 

CMFI: Central Multi-Port Fuel Injection 

CMP: Camshaft Position Sensor 

CMTC: Compass/Mini-Trip Computer 

CNG: Compressed Natural Gas 

CO: Carbon Monoxide 

COP: Coil On Plug 

CO2: Carbon Dioxide 

CP: Canister Purge 

CP: Crankshaft Position 

CPP: Clutch Pedal Position 

CPU:Central Processing Unit 

CSF: Crankshaft Speed Fluctuation 

CSFI: Central Sequential Fuel Injection 

CTM: Central Timer Module 

CTOX: Continuous Trap Oxidizer 

CTP: Closed Throttle Position 

CVVT: Continuous Variable Valve Timing 

CYP: Cylinder Position 

C3: Computer Command Control 

C-4:Computer Controlled Catalytic Converter 

DAB: Driver Air Bag 

DCL: Data Communications Link 

DDS: Driveline Disengagement Switch 

DEC: Diesel Engine Control 

DERM: Diagnostic Energy Reserve Module 

DFI: Digital Fuel Injection 

DI: Distributor Ignition 

DIC:Driver Information Center 

DIS: Distributorless Ignition System 

DIS: Direct Ignition System 

DLC: Data Link Connector 

DME: Digital Motor Electronics 

DMIVA: Distributor Mounted Ignition Vacuum Advance 

DOHC: Dual Overhead Camshaft 

DPFE: Differential Pressure Feedback EGR 

DPI: Dual Plug Ignition 

DRB: Diagnostic Readout Box 

DRB II:Diagnostic Readout Box II 

DRB III: Diagnostic Readout Box III 

DRL: Daytime Running Lamps 

DS-I: Dura Spark I Ignition System 

DS-II: Dura Spark II Ignition System 

DSAS: Deceleration Spark Advance System 

DSS: Downshift Solenoid 

DTC: Diagnostic Trouble Code 

DTM: Diagnostic Test Mode 

DVOM:Digital Volt Ohm Meter 

EAIR: Electronic Secondary Air Injection 

EAT: Electronically Controlled Automatic Transaxle Or Transmission 

EBCM: Electronic Brake Control Module 

EBL: Electric Back Lite (Rear Window Defroster) 

EBP: Exhaust Back Pressure 

ECA:Electronic Control Assembly 

ECCS: Electronic Concentrated Engine Control System 

ECITS:Electronic Control Ignition Timing System 

ECL: Engine coolant Level 

ECM: Engine Control Module 

ECT: Engine Coolant Temperature 

ECTF: Cooling Fan Engine Coolant Temperature 

ECU: Engine Control Unit 

EDF: Electro Drive Fan 

EDFI: Electronic Diesel Fuel Injection 

EDI: Electronic Controlled Direct Ignition System 

EDIS: Electronic Distributorless Ignition System 

EDL: Engine Data Line 

EEC-I: Electronic Engine Control I 

EEC-II: Electronic Engine Control II 

EEC-III: Electronic Engine Control III 

EEC-IV: Electronic Engine Control IV 

EEC-V: Electronic Engine Control V 

EEPROM: Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory 

EET: Electronic EGR Transducer 

EFC: Electronic Feedback Carburetor 

EFE: Early Fuel Evaporation 

EFI:Electronic Fuel Injection 

EGO: Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor 

EGR: Exhaust Gas Recirculation 

EEGR: Electronic EGR Valve 

EGRC: EGR Control 

EGRT:EGR Temperature 


EI: Electronic Ignition 

EIC: Electronic Instrument Cluster 

EICU: Electronic Ignition Control Unit 

EITC: Electronic Ignition Timing Control 

ELB: Electronic Lean Burn System 

ELC: Electronic Level Control 

ELCD: Evaporative Loss Control Device 

ELD: Electric Load Detector 

EMR: Electronic Module Retard 

EOP: Engine Oil Pressure 

EOT:Engine Oil Temperature 

EPA: Environmental Protection Agency 

EPC: Electronic Pressure Control 

EPR: Exhaust Back Pressure Regulator 

EPROM: Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory 

EPT: EGR Pressure Transducer 

ESA: Electronic Spark Advance 

ESC: Electronic Spark Control 

ESS: Engine Speed Sensor 

EST:Electronic Spark Timing 

ETC: Electronic Temperature Control 

ETC: Electronic Throttle Control 

ETCS-i: Electronic Throttle Control System-intelligent 

ETW: Equivalent Test Weight 

EVAP: Evaporative Emission Control System 

EVIC: Electronic Vehicle Information Center 

EVO: Electronic Variable Orifice 

EVP: EGR Valve Position 

EVR: EGR Vacuum Regulator 

EVSV: Electronic Vacuum Switching Valve 

EWL: Engine Warning Lamp 

EZL:Electronic Ignition System With Variable Characteristics 

FBC: Feedback Carburetor 

FDCS: Fuel Demand Command Signal 

FED: Federal 

FEEPROM: Flash Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory 

FEPROM: Flash Electrically Programmable Read Only Memory 

FF: Flexible Fuel 

FI:Fuel Injection 

FMEM: Failure Mode Effects Management 

FMI: Failure Mode Identifiers 

FPM: Fuel Pump Monitor 

FPCM: Fuel Injection Pump Control Module 

FPRC: Fuel Pressure Regulator Control 

FR: Fillpipe Restrictor 

FSS: Flexible Service System 

GFD:Generic Field Data 

GFP: Gaseous Fuel Prep 

GPC: Glow Plug Control 

GPL: Glow Plug Wait Lamp 

GPM: Gallons Per Minute 

gpm: Grams Per Million 

GPR: Glow Plug Relay 

GVW: Gross Vehicle Weight 

GVWR: Gross Vehicle Weight Rating 

HC: Hydrocarbons 

HCU: Hydraulic Control Unit 

HD: Heavy Duty 

HDC: Heavy Duty Emission Cycle 

HE: Hall Effect 

HEDF: High Electro Drive Fan 

HEGO: Heated Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor 

HEI: High Energy Ignition System 

HEUI: Hydraulically Actuated Electronically Controlled Unit Injectors 

HFAN: High Speed Cooling Fan 

HFC: High Fan Control 

HFM: Hot Film Air Mass Sensor 

HO: High Output 

HO2S: Heated Oxygen Sensor 

HSC:High Swirl Combustion 

HSIA: High Speed Inlet Air Control 

HVAC: Heater Vent Air Conditioning 

HVS: High Voltage Switch Ignition System 

IAC: Idle Air Control 

IACV-AAC: Idle Air Control Valve-Auxiliary Air Control Valve 

IAT: Intake Air Temperature 

IC: Ignition Control 

ICM: Ignition Control Module 

ICP: Injector Control Pressure 

ICS:Ignition Control System 

ICTO: Ignition Coolant Temperature Override 

IDI: Indirect Diesel Injection 

IDI: Indirect Fuel Injection 

IDM: Ignition Diagnostic Monitor 

IDM: Injector Driver Module 

ILEV: Inherently Low Emissions Vehicle 

IMRC: Intake Manifold Runner Control 

IMT: Intake Manifold Temperature 

IOD: Ignition Current Off Draw 

IPR:Injection Control Pressure Regulator 

ISC:Idle Speed Control 

ITS: Idle Tracking Switch 

IVS: Idle Validation Switch 

JTEC: Jeep Truck Powertrain Control Module System 

KAM: Keep Alive Memory 

KOEO: Key On Engine Off 

KOER: Key On Engine Running 

KS:Knock Sensor 

LCD: Liquid Crystal Display 

LDP: Leak Detection Pump 

LED: Light Emitting Diode 

LEV: Low Emissions Vehicle 

LFAN:Low Speed Cooling Fan 

LH: Lefthand 

LPG: Liquid Propane Gas 

LPT: Light Pressure Turbo 

LUS:Lock-Up Solenoid 

LVW: Loaded Vehicle Weight 

M/CCC: Modulated Converter Clutch Control 

MAF: Mass Air Flow 

MAP: Manifold Absolute Pressure 

MAT: Manifold Air Temperature 

MC-VAF: Measuring Core Volume Air Flow 

MCC: Manifold Catalytic Converter 

MCCA:Message Center Control Assembly 

MCS:Mixture Control System 

MCU: Microprocessor Control Unit 

MDP: Manifold Differential Pressure 

MEMCAL: Memory Calibration Unit 

MFI: Multi-Port Fuel Injection 

MIC: Mechanical Instrument Cluster 

MID: Message Identifier 

MIL: Malfunction Indicator Lamp 

MPI: Multi-Port Injection 

MLP: Manual Lever Position 

MLUS: Modulator Lock-Up Solenoid 

MST: Manifold Surface Temperature 

M/T: Manual Transaxle Or Transmission 

MTA: Managed Thermactor Air 

MUI: Mechanical Unit Injection 

MUT II: Multi-Use Tool, Second Edition 

NGS: New Generation Star Tester 

NGV: Natural Gas Vehicle 

NOx: Oxides Of Nitrogen 

NVRAM: Non Volatile Random Access Memory 

O: Key On Engine Off 

OBD: On-Board Diagnosis 

OBD II: On-Board Diagnosis II 

OC:Oxidation Catalytic Converter 

OCC: Output Circuit Check 

ODO: Odometer 

ODM: Output Driver Module 

OHC: Overhead Cam 

ORVR: On Board Refueling Vapor Recovery 

OSAC: Orifice Spark Advance Control 

OSC: Output State Control 

OSS: Output Shaft 

OSS: Output Speed Sensor 

OTIS: Overhead Travel Information System 

OWL: Oil/Water Warning Lamp 

O2S:Oxygen Sensor 

PAB: Passenger Air Bag 

PAD: Passenger Air Bag Disable 

PAG: Polyalkaline Glycol 

PAIR: Pulsed Secondary Air Injection 

PCI: Programmable Communication Interface 

PCM: Powertrain Control Module 

PCV: Positive Crankcase Ventilation 

PDC: Power Distribution Center 

PFE:Pressure Feedback EGR 

PG: Pulse Generator 

PGM-CARB: Programmed Carburetor 

PGM-FI: Programmed Fuel Injection Control System 

PGM-IG: Programmed Ignition 

PID: Parameter Identifier 

PIP: Profile Ignition Pickup 

PNP:Park/Neutral Position 

ppm: Parts Per Million 

PRC: Pressure Regulator Control 

PROM: Programmable Read Only Memory 

PSI: Pounds Per Square Inch 

PSP: Power Steering Pressure 

PSPS: Power Steering Pressure Switch 

PTEC: Powertrain Electronic Controller Management System 

PTO: Power Take Off 

PWM: Pulse Width Modulated 

R: Key On Engine Running 

RABS: Rear Anti-lock Braking System 

RAM: Random Access Memory 

RAP: Retained Accessory Power 

RDS: Radio Data System 

REDOX: Reduction Oxidation Catalytic Converter 

REGT: Recirculated Exhaust Gas Temperature 

RFI: Radio Frequency Interference 

RH: Righthand 

RKE: Remote Keyless Entry 

ROM: Read Only Memory 

RON: Research Octane Number 

RPM: Revolutions Per Minute 

RPS:Revolutions Per Second 

SAW: Spark Angle Word 

SBEC: Single Board Engine Control 

SC: Supercharger 

SCC: Spark Control Computer 

SCCS:Speed Control Command Switches 

SCS: Speed Controlled Spark 

SFI: Sequential Multi-Port Fuel Injection 

SFTP: Supplementary Federal Test Procedure 

SHO: Super High Output 

SID: Subsystem Identifier 

SIL: Shift Indicator Lamp 

SKIM: Smart Key Immobilizer Module 

SMEC: Single Module Engine Control 

SOHC:Single Overhead Camshaft 

SO2: Sulfur Dioxide 

SPCS: Spark Plug Switching Control System 

SPI: Serial Peripheral Interface 

SPK: Spark Control 

SPOUT: Spark Output 

SRI: Service Reminder Indicator 

SRS:Supplemental Restraint System 

SS: Shift Solenoid 

SSI: Solid State Ignition 

SST: Special Service Tool 

STAR: Self-Test Automatic Readout 

STC: Spark Timing Control 

STI:Self-Test Input 

STO: Self-Test Output 

SULEV: Super Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle 

SVO: Special Vehicle Operations 

SVT: Special Vehicle Team 

TAB: Thermactor Air Bypass Vacuum Solenoid Valve 

TAC: Tachometer Output Signal 

TAD: Thermactor Air Diverter Vacuum Solenoid Valve 

TBI: Throttle Body Fuel Injection 

TC: Turbocharger 

TCC:Torque Converter Clutch 

TCS: Transmission Controlled Spark 

TDC: Top Dead Centre 

TFI-I: Thick Film I Ignition System 

TFI-IV: Thick Film IV Ignition System 

TFT: Transmission Fluid Temperature 

TI Transistor Ignition System 

TLEV: Transitional Low Emission Vehicle 

TOT: Transmission Oil Temperature 

TP: Throttle Position 

TP: Throttle Positioned 

TPI: Tuned Port Injection 

TPOUT: Throttle Position Output 

TPS: Throttle Position Sensor 

TRS: Transmission regulated Spark 

TSB: Technical Service Bulletin 

TSS: Transmission Speed Sensor 

TSS: Turbine Speed Sensor 

TTS: Transaxle Temperature Switch 

TV: Throttle Valve 

TVP: Throttle Valve Potentiometer 

TVV: Thermal Vacuum Valve 

TWC: Three-Way Catalytic Converter 

TWC+OC: Three-Way + Oxidation Catalytic Converter 

UIC: Universal Integrated Circuit Ignition 

ULEV: Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle 

UVC: Under Valve Cover 

VAF: Vane Air Flow 

VAF:Volume Air Flow 

VANOS: Double Variable Camshaft Control 

VAT: Vane Air Temperature 

VCM: Vehicle Control Module 

VCRM: Variable Control Relay Module 

VDV: Vacuum Delay Valve 

VEPS:Vehicle Electronic Programming System 

VFD:Vacuum Fluorescent Display 

VIC: Vehicle Information Center 

VICS: Variable Inertia Charging System 

VIN: Vehicle Identification Number 

VIT: Vehicle Interface Tool 

VPM: Vehicle Personality Module 

VP-20: Bosch VP-20 Diesel Engine Control System 

VRE: Vehicle Retarded Enable 

VREF: Reference Voltage 

VRV: Vacuum Regulator Valve 

VSS:Vehicle Speed Sensor 

VTEC: Variable Valve Timing & Valve Lift Electronic Control 

VTSS: Vehicle Theft Security System 

VVTi: Variable Valve Timing With Intelligence 

WAC: Wide Open Throttle A/C Cut off 

WOT: Wide Open Throttle 

WOTPS: Wide Open Throttle Position Switch 

WSS: Wheel Speed Sensor 

WU-OC: Warm-Up Oxidation Catalytic Converter 

WU-TWC: Warm-Up Three-Way Catalytic Converter 

ZEV: Zero Emissions Vehicle 

1 BBL: 1 Barrel Carburettor 

2 BBL: 2 Barrel Carburettor 

3 BBL:3 Barrel Carburettor 

4 BBL: 4 Barrel Carburettor 

2 VH: 2 Valve Head 

4 VH: 4 Valve Head 

A/C = Air Conditioning

A/F = Air/Fuel Ratio

A/T = Automatic Transmission or Transaxle

ABS = Antilock Braking System

ABSV = Air Bypass Solenoid Valve

AC = Alternating Current

ACTS = Air Charge Temperature Sensor

AFC = Air Flow Control

AFM = Air Flow Meter

AFS = Air Flow Sensor

ALCL = Assembly Line Communications Link

ALDL = Assembly Line Data Link

APS = Absolute Pressure Sensor

APS = Atmospheric Pressure Sensor

ASDM = Airbag System Diagnostic Module

ATDC = After Top Dead Centre

ATF = Automatic Transmission Fluid

ATS = Air Temperature Sensor

AWD = All Wheel Drive


B+ = Battery Positive Voltage

BARO = Barometric Pressure

BAT = Battery

BCM = Body Control Module

BHP = Brake Horse Power

BMAP = Barometric/Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor

BPS = Back pressure Sensor

BPT = Back Pressure Transducer

BTDC = Before Top Dead Center

Btu = British Thermal Units

C = Celsius

C3I = Computer Controlled Coil Ignition

CALPAK = Calibration Pack

CAN = Controller Area Network

CANP = Canister Purge Solenoid Valve

CAS = Crank Angle Sensor

CC = Cubic Centimetres

CDI = Capacitor Discharge Ignition

CEAB = Cold Engine Air Bleed

CECU = Central Electronic Control Unit

CER = Cold Enrichment Rod

CESS = Cold Engine Sensor Switch

CFI = Central Fuel Injection

CFI = Continuous Fuel Injection

cfm = Cubic Feet Per Minute

CID = cylinder identification sensor

CID = Cubic Inch Displacement

CIS = Continuous Injection System

CKP = Crankshaft Position Sensor

CMP = Camshaft Position Sensor

CO = Carbon Monoxide

CO2 = Carbon Dioxide

COP = Coil On Plug ignition

CPI = Central Port Injection

CPU = Central Processing Unit

CSSA = Cold Start Spark Advance

CSSH = Cold Start Spark Hold

CTS = Coolant Temperature Sensor

CTVS = Choke Thermal Vacuum Switch

CVR = Control Vacuum Regulator

dB = Decibels

DC = Direct Current

DEFI = Digital Electronic Fuel Injection

DFS = Deceleration Fuel Shutoff

DIS = Distributorless Ignition System

DIS = Direct Ignition System

DLC = Data Link Connector

DOHC = Double OverHead Camshaft

DPF = Diesel Particulate Filter

DTC = Diagnostic Trouble Code

DVOM = Digital Volt Ohm Meter

E2PROM = Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

EACV = Electronic Air Control Valve

EBCM = Electronic Brake Control Module

EBM = Electronic Body Module

ECA = Electronic Control Assembly

ECM = Engine Control Module

ECT = Engine Coolant Temperature

ECU = Electronic Control Unit

EDIS = Electronic Distributorless Ignition System

EEPROM = Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

E2PROM = Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

EFC = Electronic Fuel Control

EFCA = Electronic Fuel Control Assembly

EFI = Electronic Fuel Injection

EGO = Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor

EGR = Exhaust Gas Recirculation

EGRPS = EGR Valve Position Sensor

EGRT = EGR Temperature

EI = Electronic Ignition

EMI = Electromagnetic Interference

EMR = Electronic Module Retard

EOS = Exhaust Oxygen Sensor

EOBD = European Onboard Diagnostics

EPOS = EGR Valve Position Sensor

EPROM = Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory (chip)

ESC = Electronic Spark Control

EST = Electronic Spark Timing

EVAP = Evaporative Emission System

EVP = EGR Valve Position 

F = Fahrenheit

FBC = Feedback Carburetor System

FBCA = Feedback Carburetor Actuator

FCS = Fuel Control Solenoid

FDC = Fuel Deceleration Valve

FI = Fuel Injection

FLS = Fluid Level Sensor = Foot Pound

FWD = Front-Wheel Drive 

GAL = Gallon

GDI = Gasoline Direct Injection

GEN = Generator

GND = Ground

GPM = Grams Per Mile

GPS = Global Positioning System

GVW = Gross Vehicle Weight 

H20 = Water

HC = Hydrocarbon

HEGO = Heated Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor

HEI = High Energy Ignition

Hg = Mercury

HO2S = Heated Oxygen Sensor

hp = Horsepower

HT = High Tension

IAC = Idle Air Control

IAT = Intake Air Temperature

IATS = Intake Air Temperature Sensor

IC = Integrated Circuit

ICM = Ignition Control Module

ICS = Idle Control Solenoid

ID = Inside Diameter

IFI = Indirect Fuel Injection

IGN = Ignition

ISC = Idle Speed Control

ISO = International Standards Organization

ITCS = Ignition Timing Control System

ITS = Idle Tracking Switch

JAS = Jet Air System

kHz = Kilohertz

Km = Kilometres

KOEC = "Key On, Engine Cranking"

KOEO = "Key On, Engine Off"

KOER = "Key On, Engine Running"

kPa = Kilopascals

KS = Knock Sensor

KV = Kilovolts

L = Litres

lb. ft. = Pound Feet

LCD = Liquid Crystal Display

LED = Light Emitting Diode

LHD = Left-Hand Drive

LTFT = Long Term Fuel Trim

LWB = Long Wheel-Base

MAF = Mass Air Flow

MAP = Manifold Absolute Pressure

MAT = Manifold Air Temperature

MCS = Mixture Control Solenoid

MCT = Manifold Charge Temperature

MFI = Multi Port Fuel Injection

MIL = Malfunction Indicator Light

mm = Millimetres

MPFI = Multi Point Fuel Injection

MPG = Miles Per Gallon

MPH = Miles Per Hour

MPI = Multi Port Injection

MPV = Multi-Purpose Vehicle

ms = Millisecond

mV = Millivolts

Nm = Newton Metres

NOX = Oxides of Nitrogen

NVRAM = Nonvolatile Random Access Memory

O2 = Oxygen

O2S = Oxygen Sensor

OBD = Onboard Diagnostics

OBD I = Onboard Diagnostics One

OBD II = Onboard Diagnostics Two

OD = Outside Diameter

OE = Original Equipment

OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer

OHC = OverHead Camshaft

OHV = OverHead Valve

OS = Oxygen Sensor

P/B = Power Bakes

P/N = Part Number

PA = Pressure Air

PAIR = Pulsed Secondary Air Injection

PAS = Power-Assisted Steering

PCM = Powertrain Control Module

PCV = Positive Crankcase Ventilation

PECV = Power Enrichment Control Valve

PFI = Port Fuel Injection

PID = Parameter ID

PIP = Profile ignition pickup

PNP = Park/Neutral Switch

PPM = Parts Per Million

PROM = Program Read Only Memory (chip)

PS = Power Steering

PSI = Pounds Per Square Inch

PSP = Power Steering Pressure

pt. = Pint

PTC = Pending Trouble Code

PTC = Positive temperature coefficient Additional : This is applied to the way the resistance of a thermistor varies with temperature. In this case, the resistance will increase as the temperature raises

PWR = Power to Weight Ratio

RAM = Random Access Memory

RFI = Radio Frequency Interference

RHD = Right-Hand Drive

ROM = Read Only Memory

RON = Rated Octane Number

RPM = Revolutions Per Minute

RWD = Rear-Wheel Drive

SC = Supercharged

SEFI = Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection

SES = Service Engine Soon (light)

SFI = Sequential Fuel Injection

SIPS = Side Impact Protection System

SOHC = Single Over Head Camshaft

SRS = Secondary Restraint System

SRS = Supplemental Restraint System (air bag)

SRT = System Readiness Test

SS = Speed Sensor

SSI = Solid State Ignition

STFT = Short Term Fuel Trim

SWB = Short Wheel-Base

TACH = Tachometer

TB = Throttle Body

TBI = Throttle Body Injection

TC = Turbocharged

TCC = Torque Converter Clutch

TCM = Transmission or Transaxle Control Module

TCS = Traction control solenoid (SAAB 9000)

TD = Turbo Diesel

TDC = Top Dead Center

TDI = Turbo Direct Injection (A turbo charged direct injected diesel engine)

TIV = Thermactor Idle Vacuum Valve

TKS = Throttle Kicker Solenoid

TPI = Tuned Port Injection

TPP = Throttle Position Potentiometer

TPS = Throttle Position Sensor

TPT = Throttle Position Transducer

TSP = Throttle Solenoid Positioner

TV = Throttle Valve

TVS = Thermal Vacuum Switch

TWC = Three Way Catalyst

TWC+OC = Three Way + Oxidation Catalytic Converter

V V C = Variable Valve Control

V V T = Variable Valve Timing

WOT = Wide Open Throttle